Civil Litigation


Whenever a situation has the potential to end in court then you need the advice of someone who understands the nature and complexity of litigation. Wherever possible, every effort is made to resolve disputes without becoming involved in litigation. Therefore litigation advice at early stages can really save time and expense.

At Regal Law Solicitors, our objective is to use litigation and arbitration only as a tool of last resort, seeking instead to conclude matters, whether by other forms of dispute resolution or negotiation, to the satisfaction of clients in a practical commercial manner at the earliest opportune time.

Where arbitration or negotiations prove impossible to realise, depending on the case,the most effective action is taken to achieve the best results for the client which includes assessing the outcome of the case, cost estimates, time estimates for the action and the opponent's ability to litigate.

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Assessing your matter

We understand not only the legal issues involved but also the issues that are likely to be concerns for you in deciding whether to pursue or defend a claim. Either way we will give clear impartial advice about whether your complaint amounts to a defence or a claim worth pursuing in law and if applicable what loss you may expect to recover.



What Our Client's Say

"I was having a problem with my tenants for a long time and faced troubles in respect of protection of deposit monies. Mr. Saeed resolved the problems I faced in no time. Thank you."