Funding your case


e know your primary consideration when instructing a solicitor is the cost and funding of your matter. We pride ourselves on the fact that we operate our billing process in an open and transparent manner, and want to work with you and address your concerns from the outset.

The Government provides funding for legal services in the form of legal aid. This is awarded to candidates based on their financial situation and other circumstances. Whilst we do not have a franchise to deal with Legal Aid cases, we will advise you if we think you may be eligible for public funding and refer you to a firm which offers Legal Aid.

If you are not eligible and you just want initial advice regarding your options then you may want to enquire as to whether we can offer a fixed fee interview.

The following details the various funding options that may be available to you.

Fixed Fee Interview

Fear of legal costs can often put people off from taking advice and for this reason, and for your assurance, we can offer a fixed fee interview in most cases. This allows you to discuss your concerns with a specialist, ascertain potential costs.and help you decide whether it is beneficial for you to instruct a solicitor.


We can offer 30 minutes initial appointment for £60. For more complex matters half an hour is most likely not long enough so an hour appointment is available for £100. A fixed fee interview would not be appropriate if you are mid-way through court proceedings and require a Solicitor to represent you or if you require work to be carried out as a matter of urgency.

Get a Quote

For many of our services we offer a quotation or an estimate for work carried out on your behalf, including but not limited to:

  • Immigration applications and appeals;
  • Conveyancing for both residential and commercial property;
  • Wills (save for complex wills);
  • Change of name deeds;
  • Sponsorship declarations;
  • General Power of Attorney

Please confirm costs prior to arranging an approintment to attend our offices as fees are subject to change from time to time.

Free Advice

In some cases we can offer free intial advice at no charge. Unforunately it is not always possible to offer this service as it is subject to the availability of the legal advisor. Therefore when arranging an appointment for free advice please make sure you confirm that it is at no charge.


Legal Expenses Insurance

You may already have the benefit of Legal Expenses Insurance which is usually connected to other insurance policies such as household, travel or motor insurance etc. If you have taken out legal cover as part of an insurance policy, you should be offered free access to legal advice and representation. This may cover you in cases involving:

  • personal injury
  • unfair dismissal and employment tribunals
  • purchase or hire of goods and services
  • loss or damage to property through someone else’s negligence
  • disagreements with neighbours
  • tenancy disputes
  • contract issues with house purchases
  • non-constructional building work, such as redecoration.

Check with your insurer for details of the financial level to which you are covered. In some cases, this may not cover the entire cost of the case, so make sure this is established before you proceed with any legal action. This policy will cover costs in the event a case is lost however it does not cover all the costs if your case is successful.

As described above insurers usually have nominated solicitors to undertake work on your behalf. This may not be suitable to your needs or you may not be satisfied with the level of service. In this case we can usually contact your insurers and arrange for us to act on your behalf.